Let the Little Children Come to me

The Missionary Sisters of Divine Mercy as of 2014 have 54 orphans in their care. Many of these orphans have come from the Christian persecutions in the North of Nigeria.

The Missionary Sisters frequently foster and care for children temporarily, until their families means and health improve and they can properly care for them once again.  Some orphaned or abandoned children stay permanently with the Missionary Sisters.  

The Sisters manage the Divine Mercy Motherless Babies Home at Ozubulu where many

children are cared for. The sisters lovingly make each child uniforms and take much pride in keeping their children clean and neat and giving them a superior education.

All of this has been made possible because of the Divine Mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Missionary

Sisters of Divine Mercy evidence his great love of the poor and needy through their many works which

they give freely without price. They live among the poor and share all they have with his little ones in the same fashion as Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

One of Our Children

To the side is Chisimdi. Her mother, a young unmarried girl of 20, died in childbirth. The Missionary Sisters were called to take the baby within only a few hours of her birth, because none of the woman's family members nor the baby's father wanted to keep her, 

The Missionary Sisters took her home and nursed her, acting like mother to Chisimdi. They baptized her, and presented her to the Church. She normally calls her Sisters mummy and has never known any of her relatives. Now she is five years old, and the spitting image of health and happiness. She loves to play, and she does very well in Nursery school. The Missionary Sisters have sponsored her upbringing and education.

The sisters look for a generous person to adopt Chisimdi so that she can continue to have a bright future.

The extreme need for Bedding!

At our orphanage which is attached to the Mother House there are no beds. Children drag mattresses over the dirt floor and sleep 1 to 3 children to a mattress. Sisters too have no beds but share the same conditions in the building which is yet to be completed. Now that the roof and windows have been finished, the sisters are anxious to provide proper beds for their children including mattresses, blankets, pillows and mosquito nets. Please consider helping the sisters with this most immediate need by donating on this website's HOME page.