Creative Centre for Women's Empowerment

At the Creative Centre for Women's Empowerment in Akwaihedi, Nigeria, the Divine Mercy Sisters provide many services to women in need that will allow them to better their lives as well as the lives of those around them.

One such service the Sisters perform is the education and instruction of farming techniques, including river irrigation and animal fertilization, that will allow women in Akwaihedi to cultivate and harvest crops in greater and more consistent amounts.

The Divine Mercy Sisters also help poor women and widows start their own small businesses that allow them to earn a living. For example, Akwaihedi is an area very rich in palm nuts, but because it had little means of producing palm oil, the citizens of Akwaihedi historically sold their harvests to richer neighboring towns for only a meager sum. Seeing the need, the Divine Mercy Sisters taught most of the women how to produce their own oil from their palm nuts, allowing them to keep their own bounty. But producing palm oil by hand is hard and strenuous work, and the Sisters are looking for financiers to aid them in purchasing a machine and generator to aid in the extraction and production of palm oil.

Bread & Liturgical Centres

In addition to helping the poor through economic empowerment, the Divine Mercy Sisters contribute to their local priests in Nigeria.

The Divine Mercy Altar Bread Centre produces millions of hosts per year for local celebrations of the Holy Mass. The priests are in need of an ever increasing number of hosts due to the demands of the growing Church in Nigeria, whose priests typically celebrate two to three masses a day for the faithful.

The Divine Mercy Creative and Liturgical Centre creates the sacred vestments and sacramental items that the local priests use to administer to their faithful.